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The Moon by Ozziegrl The Moon :iconozziegrl:Ozziegrl 0 0 Firey Sunset by Ozziegrl Firey Sunset :iconozziegrl:Ozziegrl 2 0 Fiery sunset thru the trees by Ozziegrl Fiery sunset thru the trees :iconozziegrl:Ozziegrl 2 0 Silhouette by Ozziegrl Silhouette :iconozziegrl:Ozziegrl 1 2 Kirana1 by Ozziegrl Kirana1 :iconozziegrl:Ozziegrl 0 0 Bird in the bush by Ozziegrl Bird in the bush :iconozziegrl:Ozziegrl 0 0 Willy-wag-tails against a crow by Ozziegrl Willy-wag-tails against a crow :iconozziegrl:Ozziegrl 0 0 Pink flowers by Ozziegrl Pink flowers :iconozziegrl:Ozziegrl 1 0 Under Attack by Ozziegrl Under Attack :iconozziegrl:Ozziegrl 1 0 Sunflowers on a cloudy day by Ozziegrl Sunflowers on a cloudy day :iconozziegrl:Ozziegrl 0 0 The gang's all here by Ozziegrl The gang's all here :iconozziegrl:Ozziegrl 4 5 Bandit by Ozziegrl Bandit :iconozziegrl:Ozziegrl 1 9 Sharni with cats and horse by Ozziegrl Sharni with cats and horse :iconozziegrl:Ozziegrl 0 0 Intimate Moment by Ozziegrl Intimate Moment :iconozziegrl:Ozziegrl 0 0 Sharni and animal friends by Ozziegrl Sharni and animal friends :iconozziegrl:Ozziegrl 0 0 Sharni and Ivan the drakolat by Ozziegrl Sharni and Ivan the drakolat :iconozziegrl:Ozziegrl 0 0

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Of Friendship and Love, V
Mara fought the fatigue with all she had to give. She stood between her dragons, two massive walls of muscle that fended off the repeating attacks in a blood rage that ran deep within every dragon kin. They were beyond reason now- all that remained was a blind frenzy and the need to protect her.
"Keep moving! Follow me!", she cried with a voice that was failing her already.  This couldn't be happening… Her mind screamed at her in protest to the hell that had broken loose, constantly taunting her that there was no doubt of it being just another nightmare.
But it wasn't. The Virtues help her - it wasn't. The blood trickling from a gash above her right temple and the ache in her stomach reminded her of it. Reality had caught them, and its grasp was far from gentle.
Her feet moved without her mind catching up - and before Mara had time to balance herself she tripped over one of the many rocks. She fell, her palms catching the fall on the rough ground, drawing blood.
As the young
:iconsadja:Sadja 1 6
Of Friendship and Love, IV
The ostard's quick strides took them to the very back of Destard's first cavern. Back there a pond glistered with the remnants of light peering in through a gap in the towering ceiling above, and a slope lead upwards to a raised path running along the wall. Up on that path, Mara could see who had been screaming.
A stubby figure climbed quickly over a pile of boulders, tripped on one of the loose rocks, and promptly fell to his face. His desperate cry for "HE-E-E-L…!"  was silenced by a grunt.
It would have almost been his dying words, as behind him a fiercely red dragon made its approach with a very obvious intention.
But the man didn't stay with his face in the dirt for too long, instead, he quickly got back on his feet and ran for the edge of the path. He chose not to be torn to pieces and took the option of running over that very edge. His arms flailing and lungs screaming, he plunged right down into the pond.
Mara glanced up at her companions and note
:iconsadja:Sadja 1 4
Of Friendship and Love, III
The dragons' lair or dragons hive. Inside a vast mountain that is hollowed into an impressive cave, dwell dragons, drakes and their slightly lesser wyvern brothers.
As the caverns lead deeper towards Britannia's core, dodging its inhabitants becomes more and more difficult - but even more so crucial for survival.
Shadow Wyrms claim the lower caves, and there are tavern tales that spin around an Ancient prowling the unnamed depths. Down there a lit torch is considered a beacon to help Death find his way swiftly.
Reasonable adventurers regarded Destard with fear and respect.

But wasn't it a rule that an adventurer seldom possessed any reason or the required sense to go with it, thus providing a steady food supply for hungry maws?
Mara's lips twitched into a smile as she sat quietly in the frenzied ostard's saddle, waiting, away from the cave entrance. She watched a group of motley adventurers gathering in front of the dungeon, while Mercury stood amongst the
:iconsadja:Sadja 0 6
Of Friendship and Love, II
City of Bridges and Canals - City of Industry
a place of modest nobility, if such a thing might even exist, operating as one of the most respected trading communities in Sosaria's--or also called Britannia's--reaches.
To the north it is supporting the small mining settlement Minoc and from the sea it allows shipments of arcane supplies to fill the magicians stock all over Britannia.

Vesper was her home.
Mara idly played with one of the two braided tails that held her red golden hair together while her feet followed the trail along one of the many bridges that led into the city. Her nose picked up the different scents saturating the air, and she found comfort in the mix of familiar smells. Be it of freshly baked goods or the more pungently tang of the alchemy shop nearby-Mara had known them ever since she had settled down in Vesper. This had been several years ago. Several long years full of joys, miseries and most importantly: changes.
A shadow crossed the sun's
:iconsadja:Sadja 2 9
Of Friendship and Love, I
Of Friendship and Love
"Don't move Caith… no... don't move... woaaah! Caith! Please!"
Mara reached forward, her fingers sliding down the rough wall. Her skin rubbed against the stone bricks, searching for something to cling on to. She found one of the many deep ridges of one of the larger bricks and strained her hands to hold on to it. In the meantime Mara's feet were desperately searching for what had just vanished underneath her feet.
"CAITH!" Mara cried at the top of her voice. Her fingers slipped and she threatened to fall until her kicking feet found another gap to wedge her toes into.
Steady once more, the young woman muttered a row of curses that would undoubtedly make any hardy warrior in front of the famous Britain bank blush.
How was she supposed to repair the row of bricks above her head?
There was no way to reach them through the window of the small tower; and neither could she get to them from the roof. And now that she thought to have found a viable way, the necess
:iconsadja:Sadja 1 12
STRIKE LONG HAIR MATS by DiYanira STRIKE LONG HAIR MATS :icondiyanira:DiYanira 10 12 Romance by JediArashi Romance :iconjediarashi:JediArashi 9 13 Shuddup Gimpy by JediArashi Shuddup Gimpy :iconjediarashi:JediArashi 13 14 Jashin's Fractals by J-A-S-H-I-N Jashin's Fractals :iconj-a-s-h-i-n:J-A-S-H-I-N 258 58





Ozziegrl's Profile Picture
Not much to tell really. I'm a country girl from a small town in the North West of New South Wales, Australia. I enjoy a variety of different things, reading, listening to music, gardening, 3D Rendering, gaming, TV, etc.

Current Residence: A small country town in NSW, Australia
Favourite genre of music: Pop - Backstreet Boys, (NKOTBSB), Human Nature, Savage Garden; Country, R&B, etc. Love all different types
Favourite style of art: Daz Studio, photoshop, Photography
Wallpaper of choice: SW themes, Nature; flowers, animals, whatever takes my fancy at the time ;)
Personal Quote: Take one day at a time and live each to it's fullest;
*~* A true friend is someone who reaches for your hand and touches your heart.*~*

In life you never know what is around the corner. After being in remission since 1999, I was re-diagnosed with Sarcoidosis (again on my lungs) 11th April this year (the day I got my test results back). The day after I was informed of this I found out that a good friend of mine (that I went through Kapooka with back in 1991) has stage 4 pancreatic cancer. She is fighting to have more time and is working her way through a bucket list though her prognosis is not good - time is her enemy. It makes me feel like my health issues are nothing compared to hers - mine is not terminal.

My treatment for the sarcoidosis was to be placed on a high dose of prednisolone and because of this it has caused other issues as well. Because the prednisolone can cause insulin not to work properly in the body I now have type 2 diabetes. I am controlling this with medications and diet. At first they thought that I would have to be put on insulin injections so I have dodged a bullet there.

The prednisolone has also cause me to have problems with my eye sight. It gave me a huge fright as everything began to go all blurry - even when wearing my glasses. I couldn't make out any details be it a sign or be it peoples features. Once my blood glucose levels started to come down my sight returned although it did a complete 180. Instead of needing my glasses for distance, I needed them for reading. It has changed again now so that I am back to my original set of glasses though I now have glasses for reading as well. Between the two I get by. I am hoping that once I am off the prednisolone that everything will go back to normal - no sight issues, no diabetes. *Fingers crossed*

I saw my specialist today and received a good report. My x-rays of my lungs came back clear of the sarcoidosis so he is starting to reduce my dosage of prednisolone as of the 1st of July. Each month I take it down by 5mg (July - 20mg, August - 15mg, September - 10mg, October - 5mg). I see him again on 3rd October 13. I was lucky enough to be able to be fitted in for a CT Scan this afternoon as well so there is both CT scan and x-ray to use as a reference point if the sarcoidosis returns again as the prednisolone is reduced. There is no other way to monitor it - no simple blood test since sarcoidosis can be so varied. Maybe someday someone will invent a test to monitor it easier. One can but hope.




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